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Parent and community engagement strengthens all aspects of the STOPit launch. Widespread awareness of the program allows for a broader impact of the core messages of the program. In this step, we’ll highlight the benefits STOPit provides to your parents and community, suggest ways in which they can help, and provide resources for training and education.


• STOPit ensures no child is without a means to reach an adult for help

• STOPit encourages positive student culture and upstander behavior, inside and outside of school

• DOCUMENTit allows administrators to send incident reports to parents when necessary

How They Can Help

• Discuss with children the importance of doing the right thing

• Engage with teachers and community leaders to continue spreading awareness

• Assist in preparing for launch with teachers, school, and students

• Encourage students to download and use STOPit appropriately


Parent Meeting Agenda

We recommend holding a parent meeting using the included Agenda and materials, and following up with the included Parent Letter. Also consider issuing a press release to the entire community using the included template. 

*Key advocates to include: PTA.

Parent Video

Parent FAQs

Parent Letter Template

Parent Meeting Flyer

Bullying Infographic

Press Release Template

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